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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kalari Kovilakom Ayurveda Centre

Kalarikovilakom Ayurveda Centre, Kollengodu,Palakkad,Kerala - A well Ayurveda centre in Kerala

KalariKovilakom offers ayurveda unveiled in its most authentic form.The herbs used are pure and freshly picked, usually from the herb gardens maintained on Kalari Kovilakom's own extensive grounds.
All food is prepared in a full fledged ayurvedic kitchen, using pure spices and ingredients to create simple, yet delicious vegetarian meals that form an integral part of the treatments.And the therapies are in strict accord with the ancient texts of Ayurveda.
Through a combination of massages, herbal treatments, medicines, diet and purifying baths, the Kalari experience promises you a chance to see the world afresh, to be twice born.
10 therapy and massage rooms offer a complete range of treatments. Expert masseuses and therapists work with you from head to toe, bringing new life to tired muscles, bones and tendons. The healing continues at our Yoga and meditation centres, and even at the dining table. And of course, hovering protectively over your whole treatment are Doctors Shreelatha and Jain, qualified ayurvedic physicians with years of clinical experience.

Ayurveda Treatment Packages Available in Kalarikovilakom
Below is an outline of our current programmes. Frequently, you'll come across Sanskrit terms in our descriptions. For an understanding of many of these, please turn to our Glossary.

Anti Ageing - Rasayana Chikitsa - 28 Days.
Aims at keeping the enzymes in the tissue cells in their normal functioning condition. The cells are revitalized and their composition is changed. The nerves and bones are kept soft and smoothened; tranquility of the mind is promoted. This prevents the process of ageing and makes the individual free from diseases even at an advanced age.

Ayurveda is not only a science, but also an art of appropriate living, which helps to achieve longevity. It can guide every individual in the proper choice of diet, living habits and exercise to restore balance in the body, mind and consciousness, thus preventing disease.

According to authentic Ayurvedic textbooks, rejuvenation must be done only after detoxifying the body. Keeping this principle, Kalari Kovilakam developed a special treatment programme, which goes well with the present lifestyle.

In this Anti aging programme, the first 2 weeks are reserved for a cleansing treatment to eliminate the toxins. Then, the rejuvenation treatments start, with medicines and diet. Our programme is based on the prime treatment in ayurveda for reducing the aging processes, arresting the degeneration of the body cells and increasing the immunity of the system.

Key therapies: Nasyam, virechanam, vamanam, snehavasthi or kashayavasthi depend upon the constitution or dominant doshas along with some preparative treatments like Pizhichil, pouch massages, different types of uzhichil [massage], sirodhara, sirovasthi, kayasekam etc. for purifying the body. Followed by this cleansing, there will be some rejuvenating uzhichil [massage], uzhichil with special creams, njavarakizhi, Ksheera dhara, kashayadhara, udvardhanam, mukhalepam, thechukulli along with rasayanas and a nourishing diet.

Anti Stress Programme - Manasanthy - 14 Days
It is a proven fact that the mind plays an important role in governing not just the actions we take, but their qualitative nature, ie, how well or badly we act.
Anything which manipulates the mind will thus reflect on the body. People facing a lot of stress from their hectic lives thus end up with not only mental, but a host of physical problems too, usually called 'lifestyle diseases'.

Ayurveda, combined with Yoga offers the perfect answer for this.

At Kalari Kovilakam, we've developed a special 14 days programme called 'Manasanthy', based on these two ancient systems of wellness.

Key therapies: the classical treatments like Uzhichil, Sirodhara,
Sirovasthy, Nasyam, Kateevasthy, Nj avarakizhi, Sarvanga dhara, Pichu, Thalam, Thalapothichil etc. are provided in its authentic form. All these are supported by special Yoga therapies, herbal medicines and herbal teas according to the constitution.

This programme is beneficial for those who are physically and mentally stressed, and/or suffer from conditions like insomnia, lack of concentration, fatigue, tension headaches and so on. It's also good for those who travel a lot, late night workers, I.T. professionals and computer users in general.

General Rejuvenation - Pancha karma - 21 to 28 Days
Panchakarma is the classic 5-point revitalisation treatment that's gaining worldwide fame these days
Although Panchakarma is often thought of as the entire procedure, it really is one part of a group of therapies belonging to a class of cleansing procedures called 'shodhana'
At Kalari, the Panchkarma process is more intensive, following closely the early texts of Ayurveda like the Charaka Samhita and the Sushruta Samhita.

Poorvakarma - Pre Purification Measures

Before the actual processes of purification begins, there is a need to prepare the body in prescribed methods and encourage the body to let go of the toxins. The two procedures are 'Snehanam' and 'Swedanam'. Snehanam means oleating the body, helping the toxins to move towards the gastrointestinal tract. It also makes the superficial and deep tissues soft and supple, thus helping to remove stress and to nourish the nervous system.

Swedanam means 'sudation' or sweating, which is followed by snehanam..This procedure liquefies the toxins and increases the movement of toxins in to the gastrointestinal tract. After this Snehanam and swedanam,doshas become well 'ripened'. A particular panchakarma is then given according to the individual's constitution and disorder.
Pradhana karma - main procedure

There are five basic Shodhanas, or cleansing methods.

1) Nasyam Elimination of toxins through the nose.
2) Vamanam Therapeutic vomiting.
3) Virechanam ` Purgation.
4) Vasthy Enema.
5) Rakthamoksham Detoxification of the blood.

 Paschat karma - post purification measures.

It is important to follow a diet and lifestyle that is harmonious with one's constitution. If not patients could worsen their condition by suppressing the renewed healing energies. The toxins may then directly enter cleansed tissues and go deeper than before.

Some things to avoid are loud talking, bumpy rides, long walks, excessive sitting and excessive eating, if experiencing indigestion. Avoid eating unwholesome food, daytime sleep and sexual indulgence in excess. Take 'Rasayanas' to rebuild the damaged tissues and to give a new level of strength and energy. Herbs and foods can be used specifically to rebuild tissue layers and herbs also have a direct rejuvenative effect on the various organs and tissue layers.

Key therapies

Snehapanam, uzhichil, sirodhara, sirovasthy, podikizhi, elekizhi, dhanyakizhi, njavarakizhi, pizhichil, narangakizhi, dasamoolaksheera dhara,kativasthi, urovasthi, nasyam, vamanam, virechanam, kashayavasthi, ksheeravasthi, snehavasthi, mathravasthi etc. are the treatments included in this package.

Slimming Programme - Thaulyakna Chikilsa - 21 to 28 Days.

Diet pills lower the body's fat set points by speeding up the organism, making both body and brain work faster. This increases Vata, which makes both body and mind crave for more sweets to balance.

Ayurveda believes in speeding up organism in healthy natural ways, with treatments to increase fat metabolism, exercise, herb-based diet supplements and the use of light non-kapha producing foods, which control vata while relieving the system of excess kapha.

In Kalari Kovilakam, there is a programme for 28 days including yoga, which assures you of genuine metabolic change.
Key treatments: Udvardhanam, Padabhyangam, Kalari uzhichil, lepanam, medicated steam bath, podikizhi, internal medication and herbal teas. For Enquiry send mail to or

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shopping Experience in Kerala

Kerala Shopping

Kerala is an idle place to shop.  The State is renowned for its hand looms,gold ornaments,spices etc. The handicrafts of Kerala are known for their uniqueness of style perfection of form and elegance of design. All of these are available at shops across the State.

Aranmula Kannadi. This metal mirror, the making of whi9ch is a closely guarded secret , had its origins long before the modern mirror made its debut. Made of an alloy of copper and tin, and oval is shape , it is 6 inches in size with tail like handle.

Nettur Petti
- Richly embellished with a conical lid,this ethnic jewel box of Kerala was once the priced possession of the rich and famous. Made of rosewood, this fully handcrafted casket is a collector's item.

Kasavu Mundu. The hand loom sarees of Kerala are known for their elegant simplicity. Soft and light , and laced with gold kasavu, they are treasured items.

Spices - The height ranges of Kerala are home to endless stretches of spice plantations. The state produces twelve varieties of spices including pepper,cardamom.clove, cinnamon etc.

Traditional Gold Jewellery. Kerala's traditional jewellery items like necklaces,chains,bangles, ear rings etc. are rich in variety and design. Natural motifs like flowers,m leaves,birds  etc. used as embellishments set them apart. 
Aranmula Kannadi
                                     Nettoor Petti                                                        

Wayanad - A Beautiful Hill Station in Kerala


Wayand is one of the few districts in kerala that has been able to retain its pristine nature. Hidden away in the hills of this Iand are some o the oldest tribes, as yet untouched by civilization. And the very first prehistoric engravings in Kerala, discovered in the foothills of Edakkal and around Ambukuthymala, bear testimony to a pre-historic culture dating back to the Mesolithic Age. Strikingly scenic, it is known for its sub-tropical savannahs,picturesque hill stations ,sprawling spice plantations, luxuriant forests and rich cultural traditions. A holistic confluence of wilderness, history and culture, Wayanad is located on the southern tip of the magnificent Deccan plateau.

Attractions and Sight Seeing Wayanad

Kuruwa Dweep - 17 km east of mananthavady,45 km northwest of Sulthan Bathery . Thsi 950 acre , uninhabited island on the eastward bound Kabani River is an ideal picnic spot. The wooded stretch of land is home to rare species of birds,orchids and herbs.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary - 25 km east of Mananthavady .13 km from Thirunelly on the Kodagu road. Open 0700-0900 hrs,, 1500 - 1700 hrs . Thsi sanctury has a wide variety of animals, but visitors are restricted to the outer tourist zone.

Chembra Peak - 18 km west of Kalpetta . Hike up the rugged terrains of the Chembra Peak located 2100 metres above sea level on the Southern part of the Wayanad. Chembra is the tallest peak in Wayanad and is an ideal area for trekking . With permission from the Forest Department, one day treks and two day wildlife treks are are possible. you can have group treks of up to ten people or hike on your own, accompanied by a guide.

Banasura Sagar Dam - 25 km notheast of Kalpetta. Considered to be the largest earth dam in India, as well as the second largest in Asia, this is a mini hydel project. A park with ever flowering trees is a major tourist attraction. Boating facilities in the dam and trekking trails leading from here  draw many outdoor enthusiasts.

Edakkal Caves
- 12 km from Sulthan Bathery Open 0900 - 1600 hrs Located at a height of 1000 m on Ambukuthymala near Ambalavayal are the Edakkal Caves. Nature representations on these cave walls made by Neolithic Celts were first identified  by a British man on a hunting trip.  The new stone age pictorial writings on the walls are evidence of the pre historic civilisation that existed in these regions and have the distinction of being the first specimen of abraded drawings foinf in India. Accessible only by a kilometre's trek from Edakkal, the wall art found in these caves have caught the attention of archaeologists worldwide. You can see three distinct sets of petroglyphs,the  earliest dating back on over 3000 years. Morning hours are the best time to visit the caves. Mondays are holidays.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary : 15 km from Sulthan BAthery . Establsihed in 1973, the sanctury is contiguous to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka on the northeast and Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu on the southeast. Rich in bio-diversity, the sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The management lays emphasis on scientific conservation with due consideration for the general lifestyle of the tribals and others who live in and around the forest region . The sanctury has a large population of pachyderms and has been declared a project Elephant site.  Other animals you can find  here are the leopards, gaurs ,sambars etc.  The reserve is also home to a small population of tigers, a profusion of brids ,buttrerflies and insects.

Pookot Lake - 15 km from Kalpetta. This perennial freswater lake near  Lakkidi is sourrounded by lush evergreen  forest. Kayaking, pedal and row boating , a freswater aquarium, childrens park, a handicrafts and  spices emporium are among the tourist facilities available here. A restaurant and cafe add to the charm of this place which is an ideal picnic spot for tourists.

Sentinel Rock Water falls  - 23 m from Kalpetta. Locally know as Soochipara, the pool at the foot of the falls is the ideal for a quick dip. One of the most attractive falls in the district,the water hits the sharp spikes of granite at the base and hence the name.

Meenmutty Waterfalls - 29 km from Kalpetta on the Ootty main road) An interesting 2 km jungle trek will lead to the largest and most spectacular waterfall in Wayanad. A unique feature of Meenmutty is that the water drops from nearly 1000ft over three stages,presenting a triple - decker effect.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tree Houses In Kerala

Tree Houses are Most beautiful and very relaxing places to Stay . One of the beautiful Tree house in Kerala is situated near by Athirappilly Water Falls.  Its name is called Hotel Rain Forest.  We can see the waterfalls and see the wild life also..

Fore more details About  kerala tree Houses and Hotels visit :

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kerala Wild Life Packages

 Kerala Wildlife Package 

Our 14 Days Cultural and Wildlife package is a mixture of nature, history and culture. This tour includes air-conditioned transfer, good accommodation and delicious breakfast.

Day 01 Cochin

We will meet you at Cochin International Airport where you will be transferred to you first accommodation in the historic area of Fort Cochin. The first day you can just chill out or if you would like to watch a Kathakali performance at the Kathakali theater. The elaborate costumes and an innovative style of story-telling will keep you intrigued. You will stay at this hotel for 2 nights.

Day 02 Cochin

Cochin is a business hub of Kerala and hence boasts many hang outs that are high on style, something which is missing in the other parts of state. You can wander around the streets of Fort Cochin, buy some interesting curios and visit the Jewish Synagogue and the Dutch Palace. There are art galleries and plenty of coffee shops frequented by art lovers.

Day 03 Cochin /Alappuzha / Houseboat

After you have your breakfast from the hotel, we will drive you down to the pictorial Alappuzha. Known for its natural milieu, lagoons and rustic settings, Alappuzha comes as a breath of fresh air. Most Houseboat Cruises begin from Alappuzha and we can arrange one for you. Enjoy the blend of ethnic and contemporary designs,sample authentic traditional cuisine and appreciate the panoramic view.

Day 04 Houseboat /Kumarakom

You can disembark from the Houseboat at Kumarakom, which is famous for its mangrove forests, coconut groves and paddy fields. You can check into a backwater resort

Day 05 Kumarakom

Spend the day at Kumarakom. You can pay a visit to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, which extends upto 14 acres. The sanctuary is an abode of migratory birds and a bird watcher's delight. Another tourist attraction is Kuttanadu, which is fondly referred to as 'Rice bowl of Kerala', owing to its high paddy cultivation.

Day 06 Kumarakom /Periyar

After having breakfast from the hotel, we can drive you toThekkady, which is home to a very popular Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary which covers a massive area of 777 Sq Kms plays host to wild elephants. Over night stay at a Hotel

Day 07 Periyar-Thekkady

Apart from visits to the sanctuary, boating trips, trekking expeditions and plantations tours are the other activities you can pursue. A plantation tour is a formal introduction to the various spices that are grown here in abundance.

Day 08 Periyar /Munnar

From Periyar, we will drive you to the mystic Munnar. Frequented by romantic couples, honeymooners and families, Munnar is preferred for its great climate, tall mountains, meandering roads and pollution-free environs. Add to it the tea estates, and you get an amazing holiday destination. Great for long drives, treks or romantic walks, Munnar has ample features that can keep you engaged. Overnight at Hotel

Day 09 Munnar

You can spend the second day in Munnar exploring the Eravikulam National Park. If you are lucky enough, you get to spot Nilgiri Tahr, which is in the throes of extinction. You can also pay a visit to the tea museum to watch the process of tea being made.

Day10 Munnar / Cheruthuruthy

After having breakfast at the hotel, you will be driven to Cheruthuruthy.Check into a hotel

Day 11 Cheruthuruthy/ Kalamandalam/ Cheruthuruthy

You can get an elaborate introduction into the cultural face of Kerala. Participate in the programme called “A day with the master” at the Kerala KalaMandalam. You can also watch the short demonstrations of the various traditional art forms. Have the conventional Kerala lunch served here.

Day12 Cheruthuruthy/ Palakkad / Cheruthuruthy

After breakfast, we will drive you down to Palakkad, which is 40 kms away. You can visit the old granite Fort which was built in 1766 by Hyder Ali of Mysore. This site of great historic importance was later taken over by the British. Currently under the surveillance of Archaeological Survey of India, the fort is of historic significance.

Day13 Cheruthuruthy / Guruvayoor / Cochin

After having breakfast, we can drive you back to Cochin. En route visit the famous pilgrim center, Guruvayoor, where you can worship at the temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. Later Visit Punnathoor Elephant Fort. The fort is home to the largest single group of captive elephants. Overnight at hotel

Day 14 Cochin /Departure

You will be driven back to Cochin International Airport.

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